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“How to “clear app cache or data on Android

How to  clear app cache or data on Android

Every Android smartphone has an application manager that you can get to through the settings menu. It’s usually in the top-level somewhere, though it can vary a little by phone. But once you get to it, you’re at the heart of the matter. This area is where you can see every application that’s installed on your phone or tablet. And it’s a handy place to clean things up a bit should they go wonky.

what is app cache (and how to clear it)


As you use applications, they start storing files to reference later. These files are stored in an app “cache.” For instance: When you’re using a web browser, it’ll save images you’ve seen so that they don’t have to be downloaded every single time the app needs them. This cache saves you time and data.

But maybe you want to clear an app’s cached data, either to regain some used space or to try to fix a misbehaving app. This method is how you can do it.

Why Should Do It ?

The primary reason for someone to clear application cache would be to free up storage, which might have an impact on the phone’s performance. But clearing data is a much more dramatic step which is generally reserved for when an app is buggy or fails to start. It could be a result of an app update gone wrong resulting in corruption of previous cache files, untested server-side changes, misbehaving software, or a new OS update to Android. Some apps that are poorly written or not well sandboxed could pose a security threat if they store sensitive user information in their cache and data. In such a scenario, it makes sense to clear them both.

Clear app cache or data on Android

Step 1: Launch Settings and go to the Storage section.Clicking on Storage will show a detailed view of the storage space occupied by each one.

Step 2: In the Storage section, look for Apps
It will list all the apps, along with how much space each app is occupying. Depending on the version or skin running on top of Android, you might also find an option to sort apps alphabetically or by size

Step 3: Tap the application’s name to go into its App info section to Clear data or Clear cache.

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