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How to Control Another Computer Remotely

How to Control Another Computer Remotely

Hello everybody! In today’s Artical , I’ll show you

how to control another computer remotely Click To Tweet

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and configure easy file transfer with the help of a simple utility.

PC users may sometimes need to access another computer which is located elsewhere.

For example, in situations when you are at home but you want to access your office PC and get a file you need right now.

Another scenario is helping your friends or relatives to fix a problem with their computer,

install or configure a program, remove viruses.

It is also important that the tool you use for this purpose should be free and require no registration – just install it and start working. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a good choice for such situations.

The official website says that the program is free for private non-commercial use.

TeamViewer is an all-in-one solution for remote access, support,

and monitoring compatible with almost all kinds of computers and mobile platforms,

including Windows,



and iOS.

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With TeamViewer, you can remotely use computers or mobile devices located anywhere in the world,

just as if you were using them on your desk or in your hand.

This program is very easy to work with, and even if you are a novice user,

you won’t have any difficulty in enjoying it. All right, go to the program’s website and download it.

Download for free for personal use.

Start the installer you have just downloaded. As you can see, you don’t have to install the program:

you may select “Run only” and check the option for how you want to use it.

Naturally, if you are going to use it permanently, it’s better to choose installation. If you only plan to use it once, select “Run only.”

In the main window, you will see corresponding fields for Your ID and Password.

This is the information that your partner will need to access your PC.

And vice versa,

you will need your partner’s ID and password if you need to access another person’s computer.

Enter the ID into this field and select the connection type.

Remote control or file transfer.

Hit “Connect to partner.”

Another window with the Password field appears.

Enter the password and click “Log On.”

That’s all, you have just connected to a remote computer and now you can see its desktop.

In the same way,

another user can access your PC by entering your ID and password.

When you choose file transfer mode, you’ll be able to access hard disks of that remote PC and copy,

write or remove data from there. Select the necessary file,

then hit “Send”

or “Receive.”

The file transfer will start once.

You can monitor the progress of the action below.

As you can see, your options include renaming files,

creating folders and removing selected objects.

When a file is transferred successfully,

corresponding notifications are shown on the screen.

If you register and create an account, using the program will become much easier.

After registration, you will have your own account with a permanent ID and password.

You can use it to configure permanent access to all computers that you need to control.

For example, you will be able to access your office PC from your home machine,

or use your office PC to access your home computer – as long as the target computer is turned on.

You don’t need to run TeamViewer on the remote computer every time – after you install the application,

the TeamViewer service will be started every time the computer is turned on.

As I said before, you should install the program if you plan to use it regularly.

Run the installer.

During the installation, select “Installation access this computer remotely”

and “personal/non-commercial use.”

After that, you’ll be suggested to setup unattended access.

Click Next.

Give computer name and password.


Create a free TeamViewer account.

Enter your name, email, and password.


For confirmation, open your mailbox and follow the link inside the message.

Now every time you start the program, this computer will have a permanent ID and account password.

Also, you can set another password in the program’s options.

Jump to “Security” tab.

At any time, you can visit it to configure unattended access with password protection, if necessary.

And, of course, set your own password. To be able to connect to a remote computer in a few clicks without messing with passwords,

check the box for easy access.

When a specific computer is linked to your account,

you can work with it from various devices.

From a mobile app on your phone, from this program installed on another PC,

or from the web interface in your browser.

In each of the scenarios, you’ll be able to monitor activities of remote devices and access them.

From the browser, you can see if the remote computer is online and you can access it if it is active.

To save yourselves the trouble of starting the program every time, you can check the option for starting it with the operating system.

Extras – Options – General – Start TeamViewer with Windows.

You’ll be able to control a computer even from your smartphone – all you need is an Internet connection.

Install the app onto your mobile device and log in.

In addition to remote control, you can use this program to hold video conferences,

share screen and display presentations, make video calls, and exchange messages in chats.

It’s got a convenient meeting scheduler so you can open it to set up a future video meeting.

This is how you can use TeamViewer to make your work easier or help your friends or relatives by remotely configuring or troubleshooting their computers. That is all for now!

Hopefully, this Article  was useful.

Leave comments to ask questions. Thank you for Reading.

Good luck.

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