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Fix your Chrome using these !! Chrome Flags

Fix your Chrome using these !!!! Chrome Flags

Hey Guys, Have you ever thought about customizing your Chrome So that your Search bars comes at the bottom of the screen or your tabs looks like in horizontal form or chrome works faster and smoother for downloading purposes.

As I couldn’t able to download it efficiently but can do after modification You must have thought about it`because that’s so annoying .

So for that google is working over Chrome Flags.

Chrome Flags are just a developers option in your device As you open it in your mobile you can able to do changes as addition of more animations etc.

Mean you can play with it.

You can simply customize it.

Same thing in chrome through Chrome flags So like & share this Artical Do comment on this Artical!

So now I’m going to tell you various chrome flags.

Comment me which flag do you like Let’s get Started….

So, hey guys I am Arup Mandal;

today I am going to tell you about Chrome Flags which are the Best not all because they are too much…. i

f you want to see the complete list.

like how many type of chrome flags different or etc.

You can simply search on Google Chrome flags or follow this link You can able to see entire list of flags But if you wants to see best out of them then,

go to link provided by me.

But point is that not all of them would work on your mobile or laptop.

Because these features are just experimental basis only Google haven’t officially launched it As they are experimental so you can get them on beta mode.

So probably it might not works well or works with errors completely doesn’t work Sometimes this problem can be happen but which list should i provide this problems use can face in other lists which you will maybe search on Google.

So without Wasting any time let’s Start our first Chrome flag Which is Paraleel downloading PARALLEL DOWNLOADING….. In parallel downloading i want download a big file like 20 GB file or 50 GB it will take so,

much time. just loading…. ……. That process/time is very annoying which is display on screen then you enable option enable it then a big size file it will divide in multiple connections i will download in many parts your downloading start in 4-5 parts and your file will be download faster it is very amazing thing. I personally used it .


it is very good because video work is very lengthy process. it works very easily for downloading.

it is a very usefull thing So,

let’s Start our Second Chrome Flag which is

“Smooth Scrolling”

what you think with name smooth scrolling Chrome work smoothly which know that chrome always lag so much very slow loading of pages.

it is very annoying So much lag smooth scrolling is very good for it. because it perform very well and smooth.

it is very interesting because it is very enjoyable ; easy to use also.

fun…… Let’s Start our third Chrome flag.

“Password Generation”

So, guys Random Password or add number with your name or password is password it is very dangerous and easily crack In our techarup

we tells it about several times. then you know that Secure password is very important or your hack will easily happen.

when you use stupid or easy passwords For prevention from hacking ,

Google making a new chrome flag Which is

“Password Generation”

It will provide you a Password like a Hard password .

Which is good for you ;

your privacy and Security But it is little bit Tricky .

because google also know this Password :

( it your personal password but Google also knew that Password too.

after this it’s not a personal password But you know that it’s Google not a Joke.

Now, i tell you the next Chrome Flag .

which is “Block Downloads” what “block downloads” do ? If you download anything from a suspicious Website.

Sometimes your laptop or mobile attacked by malwares in it .

This Chrome flag protect your laptop or mobile from these malwares.

They will Block that Download It Basically show you a notification or alert It you are Downloading a Harmful files or anything else.

It will block the file.

It is good for Security purpose.

it is free not paid guys so , chill 🙂

It my request to atleast try it Once If you don’t like any of one you Just Disable it guys.

Just Disable it…. But it try it Once. it very good thing guys also,

I didn’t make it my side. it is Google as you all know. Now.

I tell you all Our next Chrome Flag.

which is

“Scroll anchor serialization”.

“Scroll anchor serialization”

So, In this like when you fill a Form .

and by mistake it got Closed When you Open it Again It will take you on Home page Directly.

That is very annoying .

Because you should fill the whole form again :

( like Seeing Youtube or another website when you got in so much Deep But Suddenly Close button got Click or back option got happen all tabs got finsih .

Restart all Tabs again and all process.

It’s very annoying Very easy click on the link on Video Screen Display.

See little bit .easily just type it .

That is all for now! Hopefully, this Artical was useful. Leave comments to ask questions.

Thank you for Reading.

Good luck.

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