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Microsoft Edge New Features !!

Microsoft Edge New Features !!

Hello everybody! In today’s Artical , we will discuss the updatedMicrosoft Edge browser to find out if it’s really so good as they say.

Microsoft Edge New Features !!

By now, a browser is one of the most important programson every computer.

We use it daily to surf the web, read thenews, do some online shopping, access social networks and engage in many other activities.

For all these purposes, this is the app thatwe’ve been using for many years.

However, if the range of browsers to choosefrom was quite limited before, these days the choice is really good.

Today I’m going to show you the best thingsyou can get from the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium.

We will analyze the peculiarities of the latestversion, explore its functionality to understand if it is good enough to replace your favoritebrowser right now.

By the way, the updated Edge got a new logoas well. Where to downloadYou can download the updated browser from the Microsoft official website.

When you open the old Microsoft Edge, thepage for downloading the updated version will open automatically. Just click on this button.

As you can see, the new product is availablefor Windows 10, 8, and 7, MacOS, iOS and Android. It can work with mobile devices and supportsover 90 languages. Windows 10 users can get the new Edge as apart of the latest system update.

Key featuresAll right, let’s see what’s new inside the updated browser from Microsoft.

The first and the most important peculiarityof the Chromium-based Edge is its close integration with Microsoft online services.

By default, it supports user authenticationfor Microsoft accounts and synchronization of user data across a variety of devices;also, it is closely linked to Bing search engine, Microsoft News, Microsoft Translatorand other services provided by Microsoft.

With all that, you can change how the browserworks with Microsoft services, and you can even disable some of them if you want.

Another point of pride for developers is customizedtabs. In the browser settings, you can select layout,design and contents of a new tab, disable background images, news and quick links.

Special attention is paid to ensuring privacyand security when working online. In addition to the SmartScreen module forprotection against phishing and malware (which is inherited from the classic Edge),

the updatedbrowser also includes a system to protect users from being tracked while they surf theweb. This new feature is enabled by default, hasthree levels of settings and ensures blocking all kinds of web trackers and scripts usedby advertising and analytical agencies to follow people’s activities online.

It can be turned on for all websites, or turnedoff for specific web resources. The strong point in the new Edge is that youcan add extensions both from Microsoft Edge Add-ons (currently, there isn’t much stuffto choose from)

and from Chrome Web Store, with its thousands of useful apps. And this is something we can’t help welcoming. The updated Edge implements a number of otherinteresting features.

They include support for Azure Active Directory,4K video streaming,

using digital ink to write things in PDF files, read aloud option forwebsites,

and a dark theme for the browser to look as trendy as possible.

Let’s add some more detail on the new functionality.

When you start the browser for the first time,you’ll be suggested to customize the new tab.

There are three ways to go: Focused, Inspirational,and Informational.

Collections. Collections let you gather, arrange in a certainway and export to a number of file formats the information collected from various websites,

or return to your research and continue right from the point where you stopped.

These days, doing that could be quite a challenge,especially if you have to deal with lots of websites and do it from several devices.

When you click on the Collections button,here on the right in your browser, a panel will appear: now you can drag and group webpages,text and images – and you don’t need to open another page or another application todo it all.

When you’re finished, you can export thiscollection into MS Word or Excel.

Also, you can share it by copying into Outlookor another mail service. Vertical tabs.

If you are an active Internet user who typicallyvisits tons of websites and has dozens of tabs opened so the whole picture becomes abit confusing – Edge is out there to help you with the convenient vertical tab feature.

Use it to find the tab you need easily, andmanage all the tabs stacked at the side of the browser, with a single click.

Tracking prevention. One of the most important features in thisbrowser is blocking trackers, and it is essential for ensuring privacy and security for anyoneusing the Internet.

In fact, this feature comes as an additionto the integrated SmartScreen system. In the settings,

you can select one of thethree options: Basic, Balanced or Strict. Depending on your choice,

Microsoft Edge willdecide what should be blocked. This feature is enabled by default and itwill help users to detect and manage applications that are trying to track them online.


For example, you can choose what specifictrackers to block. Private tabsIf you ever used Google Chrome,

you must know this feature. When surfing the web, you can open a tab asan InPrivate window:

search history won’t be linked to your current account, and whenyou close such window, your browsing history, cookies and website data will be removed automatically.

These days, many users watch movies from onlineresources.

So far, Edge is the only browser for Windowsallowing you to watch Netflix in 4K and supporting Dolby Audio and Dolby Vision.

Pin the page to StartAlso, there’s one more convenient option that lets you have useful links right on yourtaskbar.

Just open a page in the browser, click onthe three dots button and select the line “Pin this page to the taskbar.”

The shortcut will appear in the taskbar immediately.

Built-in support for PDF files lets you viewand exchange them right from the browser window.

The new Microsoft Edge can be downloaded byanyone.

If you haven’t received it in the latestupdate for your operating system, I’ll give the download link in the description underthis video.

So what’s the bottom line for the new Microsoftproduct? In fact, it’s no different from many othersimilar apps – just as good as any of them.

Yes, there’s a certain bit of novelty, especiallyfor those who used the good old Edge for many years.

If you are one of such users, then it DOESmake sense to install the updated version and enjoy web surfing with higher speed andimproved functinality.

But for people who favored other browsersbefore, it’s very unlikely to make a difference.


That is all for now! Hopefully, this Artical was useful Leave comments to ask questions.

Thank you for Reading.

Good luck.

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