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How to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows 10

How to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows 10

Hello everybody! In today’s Artical, I’ll show you how tocreate a Wi-Fi hotspot on a desktop computer or laptop with Windows 10 without having touse any third-party apps, and how to share a VPN connection by Wi-Fi.


Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows


Sometimes, you may need to share an Internetconnection with a VPN by Wi-Fi from your laptop or computer.

And most software tools that can be used forthis purpose are commercial products. But why would we download all that extra stuffif we can create a Wi-Fi hotspot using the integrated features of the operating system?

All you have to do is to find a free VPN clientto change the region.

Why would you need it? For example, to change the region when establishingan Internet connection.

One of the recent cases is when we changedthe region trying to reconfigure blocked TVs by Samsung.

Or for other similar purposes. So get ready for a detailed tutorial on creatinga Wi-Fi hotspot with the means of the operating system and sharing a VPN connection. So, let’s begin.

There are a few ways to share a VPN connection,and we showed one of them in a recent video, so find the link in the description below.

VPN connection. Start with creating a VPN connection. You will have to download and install a specialapp for your computer – a VPN client.

At the moment, there are lots of them, butfor our purpose, a basic free version will be enough.

I will illustrate the process with the exampleof Hotspot Shield VPN.

You can use any other VPN client just as well,

because Hotspot Shield is only used as a convenient example. Start the program.

Choose the free version.

Select available localization.

Get connected. Of course, you can configure VPN on the routerinstead,

but this process is quite complicated and requires certain knowledge on this topic.

As soon as you see the following notification,you can go on with the settings. How to Share a VPN connection by Wi-Fi inWindows 10 Open Settings / Network & Internet.

Here’s an important thing to remember!

Your computer or laptop should be connectedto the network with an Ethernet cable,

and have a Wi-Fi module.

Otherwise, nothing will work out.

Now open “Mobile hotspot.” Specify the network name and password anddrag the slider to enable the connection.

Below, find the link “Change adapter options.”

In the “Network connections” menu, youshould find a VPN network.

Have a closer look at the names:

the virtualconnection will not have a real adapter name,

such as TP-Link, Realtek, or Intel.

For the virtual connection, the name shouldbe something like this:

Adapter V9 V3 etc. Select it and right-click on it.

Properties – Sharing. Check the box for “Allow other network usersto connect through this computer’s Internet connection.”

Below, in the line “Home networking connection,”

select the wireless network you have just created.

Ok. That’s all, a hotspot with a VPN connection is ready.

Now use your phone to connect to this networkand check if it works properly.

The hotspot works just as it should, and theInternet connection is available.

Go to the website 2ip and check the region. It says it’s the United States.

Everything works fine. Now, to disable the Wi-Fi hotspot,

Open Settings/ Network & Internet / Mobile hotspot.

Uncheck the box to allow connection and disableVPN. I

f all you need is to create a Wi-Fi hotspot,configure and enable the mobile hotspot, that’s all.

A VPN client is only required when you needto change the region (that is, your location).

That is all for now!

Hopefully, this Artical  was useful. Leave comments to ask questions. Thank you for Reading.

Good luck.


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