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15 YouTube Features You’d Love to Use

15 YouTube Features You’d Love to Use:

Shortcuts, History, GIF, Watch Later 📽️👍


Hello everybody! In this Artical, I would like to share some YouTube features, secrets or tips – call it whatever you like.

This way or another, almost everyone is using YouTube video service these days.

So manypeople may not know that it can do a little more than just show you videos. I want toshow you some very easy and quite interesting YouTube options that you may never hear about.Let’s begin.

1. To rouse your curiosity, I’ll start withone of the most interesting features – how to watch a video on YouTube with its windowon top,

that is, the video will be displayed OVER the browser.

To make it happen, you need to use Google Chrome.

Open the browser and go to Chrome Web Store to install Floating for YouTube™ Extension.

As a result, the extension icon will appear in your browser’s main panel.To watch a video on top of all other windows, open it on YouTube and click on the extensionicon in your browser, or in the play menu.

Ready – the video is playing. You can dragit to any area on the screen, and resize the window to make it smaller or larger.


1. YouTube hotkeys. Of course, it’s gotsome as well as any other application.

Quite often, using a keyboard turns out to be moreconvenient that using a mouse.

Press K or Space to pause or resume the videoplaying.

Use the J key or left arrow to rewind thevideo for 10 seconds;

And the L key or right arrow to forward thevideo for 10 seconds;

To forward or rewind a video on a smartphoneor tablet PC,

double-tap on the side where you want the video to move – on the right- for forwarding, and on the left for rewinding.

M – mute the video;

Arrow up / arrow down – turn the volume up / down;

the 0 key or Home key – jump to the beginning of the video;

digit keys from 1 to 9 let you jump to 10%, 20%, 90% of the video, and so on;

END – jump to the end of the video;

F – switch to Full screen and back.

You canalso exit the full screen mode by pressing the Esc button.

I – play videos in a smaller window. Click on the video to go back.

When subtitles are enabled: Press “+” to make the font bigger;

Or “-” to make it smaller.

Press the “+” and “-” keys on thedigit line of your keyboard, not on the number pad.


2. I guess all you have seen enough GIF animatedimages. Any YouTube video can be turned into one.

How is that possible?Just add “GIF” before the link to a YouTube video and press Enter. So easy.

This simple step will take you to GIF YouTube where you can set the length of your GIF andadd a title.

Click “Create GIF” and save it to yourPC.


3. Do you feel annoyed by YouTube ads? Youcan get rid of them in a moment

There are different ways to do it, but theeasiest and most convenient method so far is by using special extensions known as adblockers.

The most widespread example is AdBlock which offers versions for all popular browsers.

The installation process is simple, and blocking begins automatically as soon as the extensionis installed.

Download and install it for your browser,and don’t let the ads bother you anymore!


4. If you are an active YouTube user – youlike videos, save playlists and subscribe to channels, all this data will be availableto other users as well.

To make sure they don’t have access to suchinformation and they never see it in your account, go to its Settings / Privacy.

Tick the boxes for information you’d like to hide.


5. Another function in YouTube is “Watchlater.”

If you see a video you’d like to watch butyou can’t do it right now, you can save it to a special playlist.

To do it, click “Save”

under the video and tick the box next to “Watch later.”

All videos marked this way will be saved to a special tab in the menu of your account,

so you will be able to watch them at any time you wish and from any device you like.


6. The history tab in YouTube is very detailedand it keeps all watch history and search history of a certain user.

If you need to watch a video you have already seen before but you failed to save it to your“Watch later” list,

you can still find it in the History tab.

Choose the line “Watch history” and YouTube will show all the videos you saw before ina chronological order.

The same applies to Search history and Comments.Liked Videos section is presented as a separate tab where you can check the videos liked fromthis account.


7. How can you share a YouTube video?

I think many people already know the trick for sharing YouTube videos.

But they keepon doing it by just copying the link from their browser.

However, the interface of this video hosting service features a special menu with the “Share”button that is displayed under every video you can find on YouTube.

Go there, and you will get a short link to the video. Besides, you’ll be able to sharea video that will start playing from a specific moment.

Just check the box for this option.

You can set the starting time both manually, by typing it in, and also by clicking on theprogress bar of the playing video.

This is where you can get a link to the videoto embed it into another website.

Send it as a message to one of your contacts.

Or shareit right into one of the suggested social networks.


8. Just in case you didn’t know, YouTubefeatures specialized services – YouTube Movies and YouTube Music.

In order to get to YouTube Music, click on the corresponding item in the menu.YouTube Music is the same YouTube but with music content only.

It comprises everythingon YouTube that concerns music.

Music to satisfy all tastes, high-quality videos, and veryconvenient playlists. Which makes it very comfortable to use whenit comes to watching and listening. The Library keeps all your history with thisservice, as well as your own or saved music playlists, liked musical videos and artistsyou are subscribed to.

You can find YouTube Movies in the main menu.It features tons of movies, but at the moment, all of them are available in English only,and you have to pay a little fee for watching.

When you switch to a movie, you can watchits official trailer – and this feature is free so far 🙂


9. Another interesting function on YouTube is the interface specially optimized for TVs.

You can switch to it by following the link Link.

You can findthe link in the description.

This interface features large buttons andonly a few necessary elements.

Use the arrow keys to control the player fromthe keyboard – that’s the most comfortable way.


10. How to highlight a comment in bold, orin italics.

Yes – that’s exactly what I said.

The commentsyou post under a video on YouTube can be highlighted and made to look different from others / makeyour opinion stand out from others.

To turn your comment into bold type, put asterisksbefore and after the piece of text you want to highlight.

If you want to leave your comment written in italics, put it between two underscoresigns.

It looks really cool. Try posting commentsin various styles under this video.


11. 360-degree videos on YouTube.

The option of watching YouTube videos made with 360-degree cameras has been around forsome time.

How can you do that? Search YouTube for a video made that way bytyping “360” in the search field.

While it is playing, put the cursor somewhere inthe picture and try dragging it around, left or right.

On mobile devices, you can do it by tapping your finger on the screen.


12. If you follow a certain channel and regularlywatch their videos, click on the bell icon next to the “Subscribed” button.

Now you will receive messages every time this channel uploads a new video, so you’re notgoing to miss anything.

They will appear in the Notifications menu when you use YouTubefrom your computer, and your synchronized mobile devices will receive the so-calledpush notifications.

It is very convenient.

So push the bell iconto never miss a new video in our channel.


13. As well as many other services and mobileapps,

YouTube has its own integrated messenger. Have a look at the cloud-shaped icon in theservice menu – in the upper right corner.

Click on it to type a message to your contacts.Or add them by sending an invitation link.

This function works similarly on mobile devices.Select Inbox / Messages.


14. Watching YouTube anonymously on mobiledevices.

As you already know, YouTube saves a user’swatch history.

Soon, it will start recommending you other videos similar to those you havewatched before.

If you don’t want your history to be savedto your YouTube account, you can just sign out. But this is not too convenient.

To save you this trouble, the YouTube mobile app has a special function,

“Turn on incognito.”Select it, and your YouTube history will not be saved any longer.

Watch a video or search for whatever you need, and then turn this function off again.

In fact, YouTube is full of other interestingfeatures and functions.

Some of them stop working sooner or later, or become replacedwith others, and there are some really secret things we can’t tell you about, becauseit could make YouTube very angry.


Still, I hope the few features I have Tell you in this Artical . If you know any other interesting YouTubetricks, please share your knowledge with our Redr by Posting a comment under This Artical. That is all for now. Thank you for Reading.

Good luck.


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